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Faith Hill's Kennels

About Faith Hill's Kennels

Faith Hill's Kennel is a small hobby kennel and we have litters seldom. Our focus is on breeding Boxers and Other breeds are always bred as a hobby rarely.

We work only with the best American Bloodlines exclusively and focus our breeding program with equal importance on genetics, anatomy, type and temperament., all our dogs are healthy, Kennel Club of India registered and vaccinated as per schedule and dewormed regularly.

We put a lot of ourselves into the pups we raise and we invest much time and love, as well as money. Every time we breed a litter we direct our efforts toward producing pups of exceptional quality and we want the people we choose for them to know and appreciate the hard work that went into creating their new companion. We don't discriminate against buyers by category, but do reserve the right to refuse sales at our own discretion. We are seeking loving owners who are interested in providing best care and at least basic training to our puppies and will actively involve them in family and other activities.

No reputable breeder ever derives financial gain from puppy sales. When breeding is done properly, the puppy sales cover only a small part of the total costs of running a quality breeding program. Bargaining over a puppy or an adult dog is not acceptable in our kennel!

Faith Hill’s Kennels

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Faith Hill’s Kennels

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Faith Hill’s Kennels

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